A List Apart, Accessibility and Mobile Devices

In this article by by he states :

Many web designers view search-engine optimization (SEO) as a “dirty trick,” and with good reason: search engine optimizers often pollute search engine results with spam, making it harder to find relevant information when searching. But in fact, there is more than one type of search-engine optimization. In common usage, “black-hat” SEO seeks to achieve high rankings in search engines by any means possible, whereas “white-hat” SEO seeks to code web pages in a way that is friendly to search engines.

This is still very true today.

Even more so with mobile and the new fashion for cutting down the design to fit the mobile device.  Which ironically is not very accessible nor very easy to use.  Which is its major claim to fame.

The precursor to this design style was and still works well is flexible design, the design flows with the device and allows the content to be treated with the respect it should have.

No matter how pretty a design is, its the content that makes the difference, that convinces the buyer, yes this is the product I will spend my budget on.

Fortunately there is a brand new way, the user is important way, where navigation is carefully thought through to be intuitive and easy to find and easy to use. Intuitive Design or ID helps users to feel the love for the products on mobile as well as text based and search engine content loving sites.

The end result is that your web site is higher in google and more likely to be saved in a bookmark. These are good things.


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