Terms of Service

This is the page which tells you we are not responsible for things out of our control, unless of course you have signed a hugely expensive SLA, Service Level Agreement. If you can afford those you know I will bust a gut to ensure that you have a fall back so will never be able to get that penalty clause invoked in an event that your web site is not being served or the web site is down due to our fault.

If it is our fault we will not charge you of course but then we will make sure you know about any down time in advance as some things cannot be avoided and indeed should not be to make sure your site is secure, up to date and safe to use, we will do our best to work on your web site when you are asleep snoring away.

All fees are due in advance due to the nature of the virtual work we do, the work is physical but the result is not and so some people do not respect the time and hard work that goes into building a great web site and for this reason the industry standard is to get paid in advance just as you would when going for your daily food shopping.

If we say it is R2500 for the listed service that you chose, you wont get a sudden surprise in the period  of the contract unless the contract is specifically a month to month contract that specifies that as part of the deal.

Clear communications by email will be the primary instruction, any verbal instructions have to be followed by an email to give the instructions for the instruction to be followed and actioned.  This is so the company can qualify eventually for the ISO quality mark.  All Domains will be registered in the clients name so that you can move ISP should you decide you need to, however all code belongs to the company (IncredibleSoftwareSolutions) and all content to the client.

As far as search engine optimisation we do not and can not guarantee results as that would be unethical so no claim for damages, whether consequential or otherwise will be accepted and you implicity agree to this upon us  payment of presented invoice or online payment. We will do our best to make this plain and clear in any meetings and material online and in person.

E&OE  last updated April 2010

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