Designs – Past and Present

Having built and designed a number of custom, bespoke design for various clients over the last ten years, one thing we excel at is building web sites that understand what users want and what search engines require to be successful.

Integrated  Blog and  Social  media

In today’s  business  world  it is  important to use  every  tool at your  disposal  and  Facebook,  twitter and  others  such as can  bring huge  rewards  when correctly managed  as  a point of  contact.  This  site  was  built to help improve  those  functions.

Steadfast Insurance Brokers CC

Steadfast Insurance Brokers CC is a South African company, based  in Malvern, Durban the company has a reputation for excellence and honesty in the insurance field.  Incredible Software Solutions was approached because of Steadfast Insurance observing us fighting the corner for the consumer.

By providing accurate information on facebook in an open and fair manner, the Director of Steadfast Insurance Brokers CC, Lindi Samuel was impressed enough to contact me and ask me for help with her web presence.

After analysing the issues with the previous design which was assessed for accessibility, findability and search engine readiness.  The result was the design above, after getting user feedback on the design, the information was fed back to the Director and with this feedback in mind the design was changed.

The end result is what you see above, a user friendly,  easy to use, managed web site that can be updated at a time to suit the user through a web browser.

New Age London

This client has recently had a new look CMS based upon the wordpress platform, this was designed to improve the user experience and based upon feedback from users the changes they requested were included as part of that user experience update.

With the inclusion of the managed newsletter feature the web site is designed with the user experience and maximising the ROI on the web site design, maintenance and ease of use for the staff who have to update and keep the content fresh.


This web site was built to accommodate the need for this psychotherapist to stay in touch with his clients by means of a regular blog.