Integrity and Ethics and Email

Not only does it break the relevant privacy laws in force today in many countries but it also alienates the prospective clients away from your company web site towards the competition, naturally this is obviously costing you lost income when you spam people  who have not explicitly signed  up to get your emails.

I provide  training  on a  retainer  basis  to teach your staff  what you can do and  what you can  get away with, ethically and  keep your integrity intact,  keeping your  clients happy.

Remember that today,  time is  the most important commodity we  have and  email spam  really annoys  people as  it steals  time  from their  day.  By being in step with the  public and  staying within the laws  you and  your company will gain market share,  slowly but steadily  and over time  you can show  bottom line  results  that are string and  steady.

Also  (if needed) – I will train your staff for an hour each month  etc to help them retain the relevant information that is the lifeblood of any business and keep your reputation intact.

Additionally I can   to help train the company on what will help  with the SEO Marketing to improve the results achieved upon the marketing I do and to maintain the momentum I give the SEO Marketing campaign over a longer term.

That   I would need to speak to the team about to explain how Illegal it is (never mind unethical) to ‘mine’ any  email addresses for the purposes of ‘spamming’ them.