Online  Sales  in South Africa Set To Double  By 2014

  “This indicates that, globally as in South Africa, online retail is recession-proof for now, while it still makes up a small proportion of total retail worldwide.”

Let me  share  a bit  of recent history with you.

In the  UK in 1998  they passed  a piece  of  legislation which made it safe  to purchase  on the web.  In 2000  the total online  Sales  was £500 000.00  by 2011  it is  estimated  it will be  £67 Billion.

South Africa  passed  a  similar bit of  legislation last year  and   the  price  of  internet access  to the  population  has  been steadily dropping along with the  supply of  unlimited  internet.


According to the  research posted  by World Wide  Worx – “The Online Retail in SA 2011 study shows that the total spent on online retail goods in South Africa passed the R2-billion mark in 2010 for the first time. It reached R2,028-billion, growing at 30% over the previous year.

Online retailers are even more bullish about 2011, with the industry consensus pointing to 40% growth this year. This will represent the highest rate of growth for online retail in South Africa in almost a decade.

“This dramatic rise in online retail comes in the wake of an ongoing increase in the number of experienced Internet users in South Africa,” says Arthur Goldstuck, managing director of World Wide Worx and principal analyst for the survey. “Last year there were 3.6-mlilion people who had been online for five years or more. By 2015, that figure will be 6.8-million – almost double the potential e-commerce market of today.”

In 2010, Traditional, physical retail in South Africa reached R561bn, according to Stats SA. This means that online retail still makes up less than half a per cent of total retail in SA: a mere 0.36%. At the same time, however, the growth rate of online retail in South Africa in 2010 was four times that of physical retail: 30% vs 7%.”


The  global online  retail  set to soar from $468 billion in 2009 to an estimated global online retail in 2010 come to an average of about $545-billion to  around $1trillion  by 2015.

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