Old Web Links – How Important Are They?

If you are a web site owner and have ever wondered if removing links is ok, the short answer is no, it’s not a great idea.  The reasons for this are multiple and I am going to give you the most important reason why you should always try to keep the links consistent.
Lost Links

Think of it like this

You have a network of friends,family and associates.

They all refer people to you or in this case your web site.  If they thought it was relevant to do so and they get Kudos from sharing, then they think well of you. Google works in much the same way and in much the same way that Google emulates human patterns, it also rewards you and your web site if you let people know if you have moved.

The 5 Simple Rules  for Links

  1. Keep Them Valid
  2. Keep Them Topical
  3. Keep the Links Easy To Understand
  4. If you move, let them know by putting up a “we have moved” and a auto redirect if possible.
  5. Make it easy to share