Stop building your website the hard way!…

“At Last! You Can Have Your Top Class Website and Be Easily Found on Google, Yahoo and MSN Perfectly… Without any Hidden Charges or Hassles”

Use our insider knowledge of search engine secrets to build a findable and attractive website for your business

Are you looking for a website for your business?

Let’s face it, building your own website is tough!
There’s no doubt, it’s probably the most difficult lesson for any business owner to learn. Frankly, building an easy-to-find, attractive website is the only subject you can’t fake.
Of course, some people will tell you can do fine getting your brother-in-law or son who knows computers. WRONG! Just look for their business on Google, Yahoo or MSN. Their website is likely nowhere to be found, and that is a shame, because many of these websites are actually very attractive to look at. But if nobody can find them, what is the point of building them?

However, the big problem is most self-built or family-built websites are filled with technical and legal hitches. For examples, some websites attract hordes of spam email to your internet account but not enough actual business inquiries.

Sound at all familiar?

But now there’s good news!…

Search Engines Can Make Your Web Site Work
Search Engines Can Make Your Web Site Work

Recently, I have come back from the UK, where I gained my diploma in Information Technology from the highly-acclaimed Open University and worked with top developers and programmers. I have learned their secrets and perfected their skills, and have now come back to Cape Town, the best city in the world.

Now you can have…

Your Website Built to Look Good AND Be Found By All

When you commission a professional to build your website, it is the quickest and easiest way to get seen by thousands on the internet each week. Included in your package is your comprehensive offer. Absolutely everything any business like yours would need.

This is what you get:

  1. Your custom logo design or seamless integration of your logo with up to 3 reviews (normally supplied from R500-R6000)
  2. Customized design of up to 6 pages with up to 2 reviews (worth up to R30 000,00)
  3. Specialized web development to ensure your site is easy to search and find (normally worth from R15000)
  4. 1 FREE domain .com or .cc domain name (or I use your existing one for re-design)
  5. Search Engine (Google,Yahoo etc) ready keywords
  6. Search Engine (Google,Yahoo etc) ready title
  7. Search Engine (Google,Yahoo etc) ready description
  8. Search Engine (Google,Yahoo etc) ready directory submission
  9. Search Engine (Google,Yahoo etc) ready site map submission to Google, Yahoo & MSN
  10. Setting up Google analytics if you have it.
  11. 1 Year FREE hosting(worth R1000)
  12. Up to 5 email addresses with up to 5 Gig storage (worth R1000)

As you can see, this really is the ultimate web package but until now web designers and developers were tying you in to a monthly payment forever. (Even if you are a one-man business, you’ll benefit immensely from this package because you’ll get the whole thing, a personal service, and no hidden extras.)
Just imagine being able to get regular quality inquiries, …without the inconvenience of *paying through the nose!

Listen to What Other Cape Town Businesses Say About Our Service:

I find Hilary incredibly intelligent. She does not shrink from responsibility and I find her honest to deal with. She puts more in than she says she wants to, and money is not her primary motivational factor. I am wildly excited about the response to the website.”

Arlene Duval, Bubbles Laundry, Tableview

Hilary has put me on the internet and helped me beyond the call of duty. I recommend Hilary for all your web needs.”

Irene Dos Santos, Corporate Car Care, Foreshore, Cape Town

“Okay – So What’s The Cost For This Incredible Service?”

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