Logo Design is an integral part of the identity of any business

I have been commissioned to do logo design in the past, here are some of the examples.

African Healers

African Healers a new soon to be charity set up to help those with  PTSD

This new logo designed for African Healers Association, to reflect its African identity and the flexibility and swiftness of the secretary bird stylistically and the protection from harm that it represents. The freedom of truth and wisdom of vision. To help the connection between the public and the healer so that it be based on trust and integrity.

Stop Smoking ebook

Stop Smoking Ebooks

This logo was done with a specific Target audience in mind. Smokers trying to give up their drug addiction by using a self help technique called Emotional Freedom Technique which the client,NewAgeLondon/ NewAgeTherapies.com does.  The site is dedicated to online selling of this particular self help book.

The traffic this site is not huge (100 000 to date) but the conversion rate is there.

Here are more examples  http://www.incrediblesoftwaresolutions.com/logo-design.html