Themes – what are they?

IncredibleSoftwareSolutions builds wordpress themes.  This web site is built using just such a theme or design.

Why use this framework?  Simplicity.  It has a proven user and accessibility profile and loads of free plugins that I can add to the clients web site. I test each and every plugin to ensure it works with the theme before handing it over.

Here are some of the larger sites built using the wordpress framework.


The platform offers significant benefits for my clients and the accessibility features are just one of the few, easy integration of email  marketing programs and an API to make plugins that are useful and Open source.

The brief was to provide a way for the Client to be empowered to update his own site at any time without needing a full team to do it for him.  With the proven reliability of wordpress I have had no issues with the platform and Know it well.  This way the client can manage large numbers of users and enable a subscription list through the built in members areas.

By adding on with plugins and building a few custom plugins for the clients specification, the platform becomes so much more than just a blog, cms or customer facing web site.

Once the site is siogned off by the client, unless Iam asked for a new feature, the client never needs to ask for my help again.

This project costs from R35000.00 – R165000. It can be made into an e-commerce application as well as be enabled to connect to your own shop’s database for real time product sales.

logo design and web design

This UK based web site was built for leading French speaking Swiss psychotherapist, Denis Gorce-Borge. With a cross continental reputation and experience, Denis has experience in London, Paris and Switzerland.

Combined with a static site for speed, also has a blog with the similar look at feel for good integration.

This site has two additional features, it is bi-lingual and multi-site landing page design for the Seo RANKINGS.