Search Engines Can Make Your Web Site Work
Search Engines Can Make Your Web Site Work

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Good design starts with a clear focus, with clear communication a good long term relationship with your client is a great start – we strive to keep this relationship between yourselves and your clients going.

The latest censorship information indicates that the UK population is going to hit 70 million by 2031 at the current economic growth level – that is not guaranteed as we all know by now, however what is not as commonly known is that there are more than 70 Million mobile phones all capable of some form of internet access. With only 15 million households having computer based internet access through a home pc, at the current population estimates that is an approximate take up at home of only 61% as to nearly 100% being able to use their mobile phones for access. to read more on this please follow this link to the article on my Leading edge technology blog.

As an example of what I could do for your web site, I would do a full assessment of its usability and accessibility issues and how to maximise the effectiveness for the users to be able to find it.

Another way of putting it or as it is colloquially known is Search Engine Optimisation or SEO.

I never promise that I can as that would be unethical, however I always have been able to get a web site re factored and repositioned where it can get the most search results.

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