Google Rankings –  A guide for simple folk.

Ok so you have a web site, but you want to know if it is popular.  One such method is to look up your web sites Google ranking or correctly put in Google parlance, Page Rank.  I could give you the hugely confusing techno-babble but this is the nut and bolt  of it.

A better page rank is a greater chance of actually making money off of your web site. This is after you have done all the seo work you need to do, the next thing is to work at have a very popular site.

To give you an idea,

  1. Facebook with 400 million users has a Google Page Rank of 9,
  2. has a ranking of 9 and bearing in  mind that the best you can get is a 10,
  3. Gumtree  has a seven.

It used to be easier to get a higher page rank, Google along with its other metrics has changed that.

In part it has to do with the new, old msn search tool.  Msn, Yahoo and Yandex all also search each other , not to mention one of the first along with and the hidden secret to googles’ algorithm ,


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