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Another result
Another result

Another result, property company’s web site has appeared on the first page of Google for the exclusive property London keywords.

ChaseDevonshire has the most exclusive list of clients who trust them to list,sell and maintain their extensive properties in various countries from Athens, Greece to Pinetown, Natal South Coastal region,South Africa in the SADC region of Africa all the way to Berlin and beyond.

If you have an international Property Portfolio, this is the company with world wide connections and office in three countries and partner agents near you.

Bubbles Laundry Number 1 in Google

Bubbles Laundry – Tableview Cape Town. Result of the new SEO designed web site – 1st page Google for search Terms “Laundry Tableview”. This web site was designed fro the ground up to be Search Engine Ready and the proof is here. I did not promise it would be number one but I delivered the results and for this I would like to thank Google and the users.

Update: Bubbles laundry has already started to make money/sales/laundry bookings from the web site, Arlene the owner excitedly reported.

samigrationpage2 Another Search Engine Ready Website Built by – South African Migration International[UK] Second page of Google handles migration to and from South Africa for South African Immigration, work permits and visa’s for life partners,Spouses and Research visas.

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