The Top Trends To Come- Just when you thought having a web page was enough

Below is a quote from Wired on how the markets in America are changing, this is important because the South African and UK markets tend to follow shortly afterwards

Voice may be dying, but it’s not dead. When you really need to talk to someone, there’s always your phone’s voice feature or (a VoIP app). Still, we’re happy that speech-based communication has reached the tipping point, for a number of reasons:
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Why Is This Important

Because Respectively 70 million and 9 million users access the web through their phones while only 15million and 1.8million users do so through landlines in the UK and South Africa, this access has increased by 30% in the USA alone and this trend is increasing in countries where internet access is cheap.

What Does This Mean For Your Web Site

When you have a web site getting visitors to see your message is very important, obviously or you cannot make sufficient return on the money spent building it. This is just one way to ensure that your web site is seen more often, making it accessible and user-friendly is one such way.

User Experience and User Interfaces

In the industry they are shortened to UX and UI, this is one of the most important bits for your web site.

By making your web site’s UX and UI a great experience for the users and visitors, you will end up with more visitors who stick around longer and look deeper into the web site and don’t just bounce off after landing on the first page they find.  At the end of the day this is the bottom line – popularity and ease of use will increase this and this in turn will improve your bottom line and can in some cases even save your business millions.

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