Contracts  Available, Monthly, weekly call-out only from R750per month

With a fixed monthly budget , small business no longer need to fear IT failures, for this incredibly low fee you can get up to four hours IT support monthly off site, or one hour on site, even if its just to set your email ‘away’ message, email – its covered for up to four hours.

Huge surprises are a thing of the past. Sign up today and pay by card for a fixed 12 month term and your problem will go away. Like Magic.

Even if you need a new server built, we will do it as long as you pay for the spares or replacement parts of course.

Networking, Wifi & Corporate Connectivity

Should you want to speed up productivity, one of the easiest ways is to upgrade.
By upgrading your lan  you will see a huge saving in time and money.
By upgrading the other hardware  you will future proof your network between  two to five years.
Gigabit is the way to go as internet speeds are increasing while data charging is going to go the way of the Dodo.


Monthly Contracts  Available – No Hassle, No Muss, No Fuss – Just Call!

From only R750per calender month. Got a new computer and  worried about down time?

Do Not Worry- You Are Protected!

With this hardware protection, your  protected monthly contracts  from R850 pcm (for a single  pc) per office  and from only R2500 pcm for up to 20 computers  including  laptops means  that your hardware issues  are over.

For this  I will come in monthly and  do the  necessary work to keep your  system humming.

Preventative  maintenance  stops  losses  in productivity and  limits  the risk.  Please note  I cannot promise  elimination of  risk of  failure for such a low  fee,  for a lot more  I can do that and those prices  start from R9500.00 for  a dedicated  “My Pro Geek” account technician.

With “My Pro Geek” – If your  office  computers  fail – you are covered!

For up to 20 computers, Software issues,   fault finding done, hardware fault finding sorted  (please  note, no licences  for software are included) your hardware problems are solved for no extra cost with the low monthly “My Pro Geek” its all covered.


Per hour installs also done

Wifi Installs  and  ISP  grade  peer  to peer  connections from  R850 per  hour  without contract -pre  paid.

Lan installations  are charged per point.

I will estimate the time  needed  and the  money must be  paid  over  before  work commences. Any hardware or  expenses  are not included.

Any flight tickets or  long distance  travel costs/accommodation/parts are not included.