To understand how to protect yourself  on the  web all you need  do is  understand  peoples  motives  for  crime…


Because  once you understand that you are on your way to stopping the criminals  by not revealing what they are looking for and  when you do by protecting your  data.

Simple tips  to keep your  data and yourself  safe

  1.  Always  assume  someone  is  after your  data, because  they are.
  2. Always, Always  Backup all your data to more than one  location using HTTPS  in the  web browser  and  on a  SDD  portable drive
  3. On a  windows  machine  always  have  a hardware  and software firewall
  4. Always  do your  updates
  5. Never Open Emails  for  prizes  or  spammy emails because you are curious…. only open from people  you know
  6. Always be  aware  that you should use  a safe  browser  like Firefox,chrome and always use  the latest version.

As you would  at home, look left and right when opening your  door or  gate  on entering and on leaving always  assume someone is watching when putting in passwords so cover your hands…


Above all have  fun and  be  safe  by using made up passwords  that are A  M1xtuR3 of  UPPER case Letters#! and  characters. and  numb4rs

As for the motive for  crime?  The illusion is  that they will do less work than in a ‘real job’  tell that to people who sold billions  worth of computer software and products…

There is no such thing as  “easy money”….