Here Is A List of Security Tips

This list of tips  is for you to keep yourself safer online and off.

Unlike It is not  recommended by Incredible Software Solutions  that you pay a stranger cash in a place you have never been before.

  • Always Pay By Credit Card when  Online:

    You have Greater Protection Internationally. Banks are held by the agreement they sign, just as merchants are and both are jointly and severally liable in many countries. You are also covered by the other regulations in  South Africa regarding fraud. If the transaction done with your card was not by you and was fraudulent than bank has to give you your money back. And the charges.

  • Always make sure if at all possible that you have a secure way to pay, a common way is the payment gateways or the VISA 3D security system.
  • Always make sure the site has a valid SSL certificate.

Caller scams

There is a new scam doing the rounds. They give you seemingly legit details of transactions you have done at a  restaurant or some local.

Under no circumstances do you give your cvv/last three digits at the back of the card unless you are the one who called the trusted merchant to make the transaction.  The bank will NOT ask for this information, banks will also not ask for your pin.

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