What is Green Design?

Green today has become synonymous with saving the very earth we live on. It is an acknowledged fact that if we do not take control of the greedy people who will only ever think of now and not the future longevity, we will lose it all.

There is no profit in not thinking green.

Long term we are all affected when mining companies leave us with acid water and kilometres of abandoned mines and strip mines, devastating the local area and affecting millions.

The short term financial gains will be wiped out by the reality of no planet to give life.

How does this affect your web site?

Simple, by hosting your web sites on servers that use green technology and in some cases are completely powered by solar energy, we are doing our bit to keep the ball we live on, alive.  By hosting with us you are doing a small part of your duty to help this home we all share, earth.  We use the lowest power in the way we design web pages ensuring that the amount of energy it takes to download our web pages means they load in under 8second on a dial up connection and in under 4seconds on a high speed connection.  The longer it takes to load means it takes more power, more power = less green.  Less green = less profit for you and Google is now taking this into account.

Google will penalise you for having power hungry web sites that load too slowly.

Not too surprising when you consider how much it costs Google to download and index those pages when they are running server farms that are bigger than some suburbs.

So you need to check on a regular basis if your web site is loading as fast as it can.  I do, does your web developer?