The old saying about being an Ostrich, goes something like, “he is like an Ostrich with his head in the sand”.  In short its a perfect description of denialism.  No doubt it works for some people but for most it is costly.

When building your online presence you have to take an active interest, for just like in yesteryear and days of yore when having a store was totally physical and you and your staff had to be there and be on time and in person, so it is in the virtual reality that is this online world.  Some of my best clients have this down perfectly and will answer their emails within two hours and keep their blogs updated at least once a month.

Why remind people?  Because if you don’t we all end up with more  Bernie Madoff’s and Northern Rock situations.  the answer is not to go completely backwards but to account for the greed that caused this in the first place with the don’t ask don’t tell as long as we are all making money policies.  In the world of the web, we are all interconnected and just because we can doesn’t mean we shouldn’t or should.

Rule number one, is it greedy?  No then look into it further, will it benefit our clients?

Yes?  Then do it.

Simple, easy and effective.

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